How to Choose a Faucet

Learn about mounting types, handles, finishes and quality to get the faucet that most closely fits your wants when choosing a faucet.

The faucet’s fundamental purpose is to dispense cold and hot water. Primarily its purpose is for laundry, dishes, meals and washing your body, however, it’s a significant participant in defining your household design.

With all the brand new — and outdated — designs, finishes and mounting types on the market, it’s straightforward to get frustrated when selecting a faucet. Having the essential info readily available will make it simpler. Here is what to think about.

Mounting Types

Sink-mounted taps. There are lots of completely different designs, however they don’t seem to be always suitable. If you’re working with an existing sink, verify what number of mounting holes it has. New faucets are available in one-, two-, three- or four-hole types.

If you find yourself changing an existing faucet that requires fewer holes than you might have, search for a brand new faucet that comes with an escutcheon plate (a deck plate on the base) to cover up the unneeded faucet holes. This may do the trick on many commonplace sinks.

Positives: This can be a nice option if you would like a fast replacement of your faucet and wish to reuse your present sink.

Negatives: Your sink will limit your faucet choices of models.

Deck-mounted faucets. With these the faucet mounts on to the countertop and never the sink. In case you are putting in an undermount sink, you might have the choice of mounting the tap straight on the countertop. When putting in a deck-mounted faucet, be certain to permit greater than a finger’s width behind the faucet for cleaning.

Positives: Deck-mounted taps present a seamless look that’s particularly nicely suited to up to date kitchens (however they come in all types). 

Negatives: They occupy area on the countertop. Additionally, you might discover an accumulation of water, dust and dirt between the faucet and the wall.

Wall-mounted faucets. Take care when inserting a wall-mounted faucet to ensure it is going to work together with your sink. The space the water spout projects will decide whether or not the two might be compatible. This may be extra of a problem with a double sink.

Positives: Countertop cleanup is a breeze.

Cons: You’ll have to take additional care in colder climates (if local code permits set up on an out of doors wall) to insulate in opposition to freezing. Additionally, the installer should get the spacing and placement precisely right. If there’s a wall stud in the way, it is going to have to be relocated in order that the faucet and handles can be put in the place you want them.

Handle Choices

Single-handled faucets. A single-handled faucet rotates in the same direction, normally offering the flexibility to manage movement with an up-and-down motion and temperature with a side-to-side movement.

Positives: Together with the benefit of requiring just one gap in your countertop, these are actually handy for when you might have just one hand free. They usually feature excessive arching pro-style designs that simply accommodate large pots and vessels within the sink.

Negatives: Temperature adjustment is much less exact than with a two-handled faucet. 

Double-handled faucets. These normally require a minimal of three holes for set up. The wide range of handle choices makes this faucet design extra customizable.

Positves: Two-handled taps have devoted cold and hot water handles, permitting for extra delicate changes to water temperature in addition to stream rate. Additionally, if one of the handles springs a leak, you’ll be able to flip off the shut-off valve to the leaking handle and nonetheless use the faucet till you repair the leaking handle. Most let you change the handles and faucet independently from the plumbing, making for straightforward style modifications.

Negatives: It’s extra inconvenient to regulate two separate knobs when hands are full or soiled. Additionally, these faucets are sometimes thought of to be extra conventional and should restrict you style-wise.

Palms-free taps. This option is activated by a sensor.

Positives: No hands! These variations function with a sensor that detects gentle contact (some are activated by movement) that opens the valve. They’re nice for arthritic people and kids. They’ve the benefit of shutting off mechanically to preserve water. Plus, you won’t ever fear an overflowing sink.

Negatives: There isn’t a solution to alter the temperature or the water circulation by the contact mode. That must be executed manually, and a few folks discover that its aggravating. Additionally, these faucets require an occasional battery change for the sensor to work.

Supplies and Finishes

Chrome, nickel, brushed nickel, polished brass, oil-rubbed bronze, white, black and chrome steel are a number of the typical finishes and colors. Needless to say, finishes from completely different manufacturers is probably not precisely the identical. It’s a good suggestion if you’re planning to purchase a faucet to buy any equipment corresponding to a hand spray or cleaning soap dispenser from the identical collection to make sure match.


Do you’ve got a kitchen that’s modern and up to date, or one that’s paying homage to a pre-historic kitchen? Types vary from traditionally detailed to easy, clear strains, curves or 90-degree angles. This one item will shift the look of your house design to a specific the type you like. Once more, the choices are infinite. However by the time you’re prepared to select the look, your household design will already be established, which can help narrow down the choices. Work together with your designer to land the most effective one for you.

Value and Quality

Most faucets use cartridge, ball or ceramic disk valves. A faucet with a ceramic disk valve and or strong brass base supplies might be extra sturdy and can value a couple of with plastic components. 

One good indicator of high quality is weight. In the event you aren’t certain whether or not a fitting is strong brass, lift it up. It ought to be heavier than its counterparts. Stable-brass last longest and require the least care, particularly with hard water, which corrodes some metals. These faucets, as you could imagine, cost essentially the most.

Although their base price could also be appealing, lower-priced taps are sometimes made with plastic components that don’t maintain well. When you consider the price to switch to  a cheap faucet and the charges for  a plumber to put in a substitute, it might rapidly negate the financial savings.



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Upgrading your kitchen faucet is an easy installation, but the choices can seem overwhelming—especially when you consider soap dispensers and accessories.


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