5-1-2 In. Dynacut Top Wool Polishing Pad, Hook And Loop

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features and benefits:

  • removes grit p1500-p2000 sanding marks in seconds, leaving a brilliant finish.
  • unmatched cutting and gloss features.
  • virtually no dust contamination during application.
  • ideal for all kinds of paint including scratch-resistant and uv-cured paint.
  • leaves a high gloss surface finish.
  • the dynabrade 2-step system is based on high performance compounds that are the result of decades of research and development.Utilizing a unique abrasive powder technology, the abrasive grain in our high-performance compounds is based on an optimized high-purity, white aluminum oxide 
    powder.The dynabrade system can remove defects and scratches as well as polish surfaces in only one step, creating a brilliant mirror-like gloss.Conventional polishing compounds require a minimum of two or more polishing steps to achieve similar results.