5 Piece Mor-torq Socket Set

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features and benefits:

  • service new fasteners found on many gm models
  • includes sizes 0, 1, "2", 3, 4,
  • all 3/8 square drive
  • packed on socket rail.
  • applications including bell housings, interior components, door frames, body components, brake rotors & more.
  • sizes: m0, m1, m2, m3, m4, all 3/8" square drive, all packed on socket rail bits have asymmetrical geometry that provides enhanced installation of mortorq fasteners.Can also be used for removal.Services new fasteners found on many gm, chrysler, bmw, nissan, honda & fiat.Applications include: bell housings, interior components, door frames and hinges, body components and attachments, brake rotors, instrument panels, seat tracks, restraint systems, transmissions, suspension components, trans-axles, differentials, machine screws, engine and drive train components, door panels and attachments, accessories and attachments, thread-cutting screws, thread-forming screws & cosmetic differentiation.