Air Lock Seal For Mobile Air Conditioner

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Air Lock Seal Plate White Universal 4m Soft Board For Mobile Air Conditioner
  • Fits all common window constructions
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Pays for itself practically by saving energy
  • Irresistible, water repellent material
  • Open or close the window at any time without disassembling the AirLock
  • The window sealing for air conditioners is for windows with a size of 400 cm. Simply glue the supplied tape to the window frame, the air conditioning attach the window seal to the window and frame and finish. Window sealing for air conditioning reliably prevents the return flow of warm outdoor air into the air -conditioned interior and conducts the warm air from the air conditioner to the outside
  • Save money with the energy -saving window sealing air conditioning by sealing the window increases the cooling performance of the local air conditioning. This reduces the general energy consumption as the room cools down faster and keeps a stable temperature for the long term. The window continues to function fully and can be closed and opened
  • This mobile air conditioning window sealing helps to reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, which are particularly high in the summer due to the massive use of air conditioners. PLUS, it also provides perfect protection against insects such as mosquitoes and prevents moisture penetration. Window sealing for mobile air conditioners is an enrichment for every household
  • For maximum holding of the air hose in the climate window sealing are processed extra strong zippers that prevent automatic opening of the lock when using the air hose. As additional support and attachment, the product includes extra cable straps
  • The air conditioner window sealing is suitable for all portable air conditioners independently of the manufacturer. The material of the window sealing air conditioner is durable, UV resistant, water repellent and washable at 40oC.
Package Include:
  • 1 x Window Sealing Device of Air Conditioner