Bamboo Charcoal Bag Interior Air Freshener Simulation Animal Decoration #22

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Ships from hong kong.Activated carbon simulation animal decoration is an easy and convenient way to maintain a fresh, dry and tasteless environment.Made from an incredibly powerful natural ingredient - bamboo charcoal, it continuously absorbs and removes odors, allergens and harmful contaminants, and cleans and cleans the air.Simulated animal design, it looks very cute and very happy with your eyes.It is an ideal decoration for cars, homes, offices, etc.Size: mat: 27x21 cm (10.63x8.27 inches); animal: 20x14 cm (7.87x5.51 inches) material: plush and activated carbon and plastic simulated animal design, pleased to your eyes.Activated carbon air purifying beads, eliminates formaldehyde and other harmful gas from your car and room.Ideal for car, home, office decoration.