Car Steering Wheel Puller Remover

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Car Steering Wheel Puller Remover Lock Plate Disassembly Tool Compressor Installer Kit Steering Wheel Disassembly Tool

1. Suitable for vehicles with or without oblique steering.
2. This steering wheel removal kit is applicable for most automotive and light truck.
3. Includes steering wheel puller and related bolts.
4. Includes a non-threaded puller leg for a late model vehicle with an non-threaded wheel hub.
5. Includes steering wheel lock plate compressor tool.
6. Includes pivot pin removal tools for servicing tilting steering wheels.
7. Box packing, convenient to carry and store.

Condition: 100% Brand New
Material: 45# Steel
Storage Box Color: Red

Package List:
1 * Box of Steering Wheel Disassembly Tool

Brand Name: WALFRONT
DIY Supplies: Metalworking
Type: Combination
Model Number: Steering Wheel Disassembly Tool
Package: Case
Application: Other