Piano Keyboard - 3-dimensional Mosaic Decorative Wall Tile(2pc)

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This 3-dimensional decorative mosaic tile is easy to install, clean and maintain.If you want to have a unique style of design on your tv setting wall, bathroom, sitting room, kitchen, bedroom, this is the tile you should buy.Easy application with no experience required.Size: 30*30cm.Construction method is below: firstly, mixing up the caulking compounds/mortars; secondly, brushing mixtures evenly, then sticking the tiles on the wall and pressing them so as to make them stick firmly, please pay attention to the appropriate distance between each piece of tiles; finally, filling the gaps with the mixtures, and then using a hot and damp towel to clean up the tiles surface.The dimension of each one is approximately 11.8 inch (length) by 11.8-inch (width).Easy application with no experience required.Easy to install, clean and maintain.Ideal fortv setting wall, bathroom, sitting room, kitchen, bedroom,etc.Set of2.