Small Engine Tach-hour Meter

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features and benefits:

  • live rpm readings on small engines with settable update rate - twice per second or once per second
  • engine hour meter which can be used for service reminders
  • ip68 waterproof and dustproof - can be mounted on your vehicle, mounting tape included
  • max rpm is viewable and resettable - rpm range 0-20,000
  • when the engine starts, rpm’s are immediately displayed

 - multi function instrument with high vis green backlit lcd display.
- ip68 dust and water proof
- can be permanently mounted on vehicle (includes velcro 2 sided tape) or used for engine service

rpm in real time - stable rpm readings on small engines.

you choose the display update rate - twice per second or once per second.

when the engine starts, rpm’s areimmediately displayed.
rpm range: 0-20,000 rpm
max rpm viewable and resettable
you can record the engine’s max rpm over time.
max rpm can be viewed or reset at any time after engine is shut down.

hour meter and engine/job timer
total: this function records the accumulated total engine hours, up to 99,999 hours.

job: viewable and resettable hour meter for recording partial engine time or work related job time

svc: hour meter for maintenance reminders and required engine servicing.This can be set for service intervals up to 200 hours.Default maintenance time is 20 hours.

when the set engine hours reach the service interval, “svc” is flashed on the display.

rpm: 0-20,000
rpm refresh rate: 0.5s or 1s
hours: 0-99,999 hours
job hours: 0-99,999 hours
svc hours: 0-200 hours
hour meter resolution:.1h or 6 minutes
battery: cr2032 coin type (replaceable)
engine rpm settings:
2 stroke/1 cyl 4 stroke/3 cyl
2 stroke/2 cyl 4 stroke/5 cyl
2 stroke/3 cyl 4 stroke/6 cyl
4 stroke/1 cyl 4 stroke/8 cyl
4 stroke/2 cyl 4 stroke/12 cyl
4 stroke/4 cyl